SIPP allowable investments

Since the legislative changes to pensions at A-day, there are now many more opportunities open to today’s investor. One of the features of the new regime is that very little is banned. The approach taken by the legislation is to impose tax consequences on some transactions and leave the choice of the investment to the investor.

The rules are generally more flexible and accommodating than they used to be, the new regime offers several new opportunities to invest in a wide range of assets and exciting investment opportunities.

If HM Revenue & Customs allow it, so do we.

Annuity Supermarket will strive to get you the best annuity rates from the Open Market.

It is our policy not to impose Company rules on top of Revenue rules. As a result we can proudly claim ‘No other SIPP advisers allows more’.
Examples of some of the investments members have taken out can be found here:


Commercial Property


Deposit Accounts


Stock Exchange listed companies (listed on a HMRC or FSA recognised stock exchange)

AIM and OFEX Companies

Unit Trusts and OEICS (listed on a HMRC or FSA recognised stock exchange)

Government Securities

Fixed Interest Securities

Quoted Debentures and loan stocks

Shares in unquoted private companies

Offshore funds

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

Offshore funds

Hedge Funds

Insurance Company managed funds and unit linked funds

Second Hand Endowment Policies

Companies on an overseas exchange recognised by H M Revenue & Customs

Traded futures and options (relating to stocks and shares on a recognised exchange)

Contracts for Differences (CFD)


The member is responsible in conjunction with their Financial Adviser for choosing investments that are suitable for their individual circumstances.

If any transaction is to be carried out between the Registered Pension Scheme and the policyholder or any person connected with the policyholder, the transaction must take place at market value.