Where to get retirement quotes

I know the feeling, a large envelope from your pension provider full of retirement quotes has just dropped through the letterbox, you didn’t realise it but its only six months to retirement. The pack is full of all the information you need to vest your pension.

retirement quotes But, before you rush to fill in all the forms and send it back, read through it carefully. You will find that somewhere, most probably in the small print it says you can get retirement quotes from the open market and take your pension fund elsewhere to buy them.

Why get retirement quotes elsewhere?

You know if I had a pound for every time someone said that then I would be living the life of Reilly somewhere. What many retirees fail to understand is that just because you saved your pension with the insurance company does not mean you have to take their retirement quotes. You have the right to shop around and you should take it. I know its a pain but it could make a difference of thousands of pounds to your income throughout your retirement years.

Don’t make the mistake 279,000 people each year make, take some time to research the open market and see if you can get better retirement quotes elsewhere. Use the services of an IFA and it will make it even easier.