When Retirement Looms

“So, Leslie, what are your plans after retirement?”

When Julie asked me the question earlier today, I laughed. I always said I would be taking care of my grandchildren then. Julie then jokingly told me to seriously think about it, if I didn’t want to not have anything to give my grandchildren when they visit. I’ve thought of the question before, but not in such detail. Now, however, as I am only several years away from THE retirement, I can no longer avoid the question.

My conversation with Julie then continued, and she told me all about her plans of saving their pension and getting immediate annuities, and that she and her husband has been trying to choose the best annuity plan for them. Klutz that I am, I told her about my plans after receiving my retirement pay as I had very little idea about annuities.

Fortunately, Julie gave me very interesting facts: that I must be very careful in choosing which annuities to get since I will essentially trust them to provide for me for a long period of time, assuming I live very long. And she told me to shop around for the best annuity rates and compare them with others.

And so tonight, I shall discuss this with my dear husband, who, bless his soul, has been trying to open the topic to me for the past several months.