If you are responsible for meeting your own care costs or those of a loved one then, depending on your circumstances, there are four main options available to you:

1) The local authority

Support is available from the local authority and we can help you understand what you may claim or qualify for. We will also make sure that you are claiming all available state benefits available.

2) Sell or Rent Property to produce income.

If you own a home or the person you are helping owns a home then you can sell the property or you can rent it out to produce an income. There are obviously risks in renting a property so we can give you guidance on the best way to approach this.

3) Buy an Immediate Needs annuity or Care Home Fees Annuity.

if you have a lump sum then you could purchase an immediate needs annuity, sometimes referred to as care home fees annuity. In return for a lump sum payment, an annuity provider guarantees to pay a monthly income for the life of the person requiring care. We can research the whole annuity market for you and ensure that you receive the best terms possible.

4) Invest to produce an income.

We will look at the investment options available to you in order to produce an income to help meet the care fees.

Next Steps

We have qualified care home fees advisers that are independent of any provider and will give the best recommendations to assist you.

When we have collated all of the information that we need, we will prepare and send a full report to you, which will form the basis of our further discussions with you prior to eventual recommendations.

Kevin Stelfox, Sales Director. “We encourage anyone entering into care to contact us for impartial guidance.”