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Aviva Annuity & Annuities – 40% Could Qualify for Enhanced Rates

If you have an Aviva Pension and you are nearing retirement looking to purchase a Aviva annuity then you should consider the open market option. 40% of people who shop around on the open market looking for Aviva annuities could qualify for enhanced annuities and could get around 30% more income in retirement. Do Aviva […]

Annuity Calculator – Aviva online retirement income calculator

Aviva (formerly Norwich Union) and one of the major providers in the retirement market has launched a new online annuity calculator. It has a simple interactive graphic interface and it’s designed to make it easier for customers to understand the annuity options available to them and to work out how much income they may get […]

Enhanced Annuity Rates

Enhanced annuity rates are available in the UK for many medical conditions but there are two particular ones that stand out that affect many many thousands of UK retirees. These conditions are High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. Enhanced annuity rates for high blood pressure One in three adults in the UK (16 million people) […]

Guaranteed Annuity

When you purchase a guaranteed annuity you purchase a fixed guaranteed annuity rate which other than if you add an option of indexation or escalation the annuity rates will not change. This for many retirees is the safest option there is at retirement. This is why guaranteed annuities are called secure pensions. The single biggest worry for […]

Best Annuity Rates – from the Open Market Option

The best annuity rates for your retirement years will probably be found by using the open market option. The open market option gives you the right to take your pension fund and search the entire annuityproviders to get the best annuity rates. There are big differences between the worst pension you can get for your […]

Best Annuity Quotes – From The Whole Market

When you want the best annuity quotes there is only one place to get them and that is the whole of market. The best annuity quotes can only be sourced by comparing all annuity providers. No one annuity provider could ever give you the best annuity quotes for all circumstances, for example how could one […]

Annuities – Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One basket

When you purchase annuities don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You can phase your retirement income by using part of your pension fund initially and the rest of it later. With phased retirement it is possible to phase your retirement in an as many steps as you need. You may have savings that you […]

Pension Annuity from the Whole of Market

When you need a pension annuity you need to use the whole of market. Not all annuity desks or brokers will give you the best pension annuity from the whole of market and this could cost you thousands of pounds of lost income for the rest of your life. How to get the best Pension […]

Annuity Quotes using Annuity Calculator

Getting annuity quotes at retirement is probably easier using an annuity calculator. The annuity calculator allows you to change the options quickly and then produce the list of annuity quotes from each of the annuity providers. Finding the best annuity calculator means searching the web for one or you could visit an annuity specialist and […]