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Annuity Rates: What is the Forecast for 2010

At annuitysupermarket.com we like to keep you updated on the latest information on annuities and annuity rates. We are firm believers that everyone should shop around on the open market to find the very best annuity rates. The Retirement Partnership managing director Steve Lewis offers a commentary on the latest annuity rates. Since our last annuity update, annuity rates […]

Enhanced or Impaired annuity what is the difference?

An enhanced, or impaired, annuity will pay a higher income to people with health problems or where their lifestyle is likely to reduce their life expectancy. Here at annuitysupermarket.com we are always striving to get the best annuity rates for our clients. One question we are always being asked is, “What is the difference between an […]

How to avoid Annuity Delays – Helpful Tips

If you are taking your annuity soon we at annuitysupermarket.com can give you some helpful tips to make sure you do not get any delays. One of the benefits of the open market option is you can shop around for a better annuity rate. Of course, if the money is not moved from one provider […]

Retirement – Have you got a plan?

Its surprising how many people enter retirement without a plan. Would you plan a car journey without a map or indeed these days taking your sat-nav? No! I doubt very much you would, so why do so many retirees drift into retirement without a plan? At least 6 months before your intended retirement date you […]

Best Annuity Rates 2010

If you are looking for the best annuity rates 2010 then you have come to the right place . Here at annuitysupermarket.com we will search the whole annuity market to find you the best annuity rates 2010. Our expert annuity specialists will also check to see if you qualify for enhanced annuity rates due to […]

Enhanced Annuities

Annuities are a guaranteed income for the rest of your life. When you purchase an annuity you do so normally on the following criteria: Fund size Age Gender Annuity Options purchased The annuity provider gives you an annuity rate based on their opinion of your life expectancy. So the longer you are expected to live […]

Lifetime Annuity

A Lifetime Annuity, once purchased will tie you in to one shape of income for the rest of your life.   Called lifetime annuities because they pay an income for the rest of your life no matter how long you might live. The advantages of lifetime annuities are obvious, the guaranteed income they offer. The disadvantage […]

UK Annuity – What are the options at retirement?

Finally you think, I have reached retirement, but it is like starting work again for the very first time, you are the novice. First of all you have to fight your way through all the retirement papers you have been sent from your pension provider and what is a UK annuity? Many retirees are confused […]

Annuity Rates – Should you delay annuity purchase?

There are many stories in the tabloids at the moment regarding delay of annuity purchase to get higher annuity rates if interest rates go up. The million dollar question is will annuity rates go up even if interest rates do rise? As annuity rates have been falling recently and are probably the lowest they have […]