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Pension Drawdown

Pension Drawdown or Unsecured Pension Expert Advice on Pension Drawdown This involves you taking up to 25 per cent of your fund as tax free cash, and leaving the remainder of your pension fund invested. In the meantime, you can take income as and when you need it from the fund, subject to certain Inland […]

Pension Release for over 50’s

Are you aged 50 plus? Pension Release gives you Tax-Free Cash If you are aged 50 plus and considering pension release, the minimum age increases from 50 to 55 in 2010, so now is the time to contact us What is pension release? Pension Release or ‘unlocking’ is the term used for taking the benefits […]

Purchased Life Annuity Rates

What is a purchase life annuity? It’s a contract that gives you an income for the rest of your life or for a select period of years, bought with a lump sum single payment. Want to invest some money to get a guaranteed income? Tips on purchase life annuity purchase Why would I buy one? […]

Enhanced Annuity Rates – Check if you qualify

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions you may be able to obtain a higher income: Do you regularly smoke cigarettes? Do you take regular medication? Have you ever been hospitalised for a medical conditions If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, we will check if you […]

Open Market Option

The annuity market is very competitive and rates differ between annuity providers. You can substantially increase your pension income by purchasing your annuity from the company which pays the most income. This is called “exercising the Open Market Option.” It costs nothing to take advantage of this option and new rules introduced recently by the […]