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Case study impaired annuities

An excellent way of showing the benefits of impaired annuities is to show you a real life case study example. Mr B came to us via a referral from one of our satisfied customers. Mr B’s pension fund was worth £207,947 and was recommended by a friend who had previously purchased an annuity via our independent specialist […]

Enhanced annuities sales continue to break records

The sale of enhanced annuities has again increased and now make up a third of all annuities sold. These enhanced annuities are bought by retirees that take the trouble to shop around and use the right to the ‘open market option‘. According to Towers Watson, consumer interest in taking out enhanced annuities – which provide […]

Latest Best Annuity Rates September 2010

As we move into another new month what can we expect for the latest annuity rates for September 2010? Many industry experts are saying there will be further cuts in annuity rates from the providers in the coming months. Have the best annuity rates September 2010 got any hope of increasing? It seems unlikely that the best annuity […]

Retirement Calculator

A retirement calculator can help you find the best annuity rates using your open market option. Using a retirement calculator takes your pension fund and returns the amount of annuity income that the fund would produce if you retired. The age you retire affects the calculations because as you would expect the payments from a […]

Asset Backed Annuities

Asset backed annuities are being launched by most of the major annuity providers because of the solvency requirements for guaranteed annuities. Asset backed annuities currently account for around 5% of all annuity sales. Why would you have an asset backed annuity With an asset backed annuity there is potential for income increases if the assets backing the income increase […]

Fixed Annuity Rates

When looking for fixed annuity rates you need to consider a few things before you rush in and buy an annuity from your insurance company. Around 40% of retirees qualify for Fixed annuity rates with enhancements for lifestyle or medical conditions. 40% qualify for enhanced fixed annuity rates Industry figures show that around 40% of […]

Where to get retirement quotes

I know the feeling, a large envelope from your pension provider full of retirement quotes has just dropped through the letterbox, you didn’t realise it but its only six months to retirement. The pack is full of all the information you need to vest your pension. But, before you rush to fill in all the forms and […]

Index Linked Annuity Rates

Rising infaltion erodes the value of any fixed interest annuity therefore you should consider purchasing index linked annuity rates from the open market. Index linked annuity rates mean your retirement income will keep pace with inflation and retain its buying power. Where do you get index linked annuities? Nearly all annuity providers will offer you […]

Guaranteed Annuity Rates (GAR)

Many pension products, especially some of the older contracts such as section 226 retirement annuity contracts have built in guaranteed annuity rates (GAR). A guaranteed annuity rate, GAR for short, is a fixed annuity rate, written into your pension contract, at which you can convert your pension fund, irrespective of what open market annuity rates […]