Why you should Use a Specialised Annuity Desk

When shopping around for the best annuity it can be hard to know exactly who offers the best terms for you.  Speaking to someone who specialises in annuities and who has access to the whole of the market means that you will get the best income available for you, this can mean a significant uplift on the income being offered by your pension provider.  The desk staff will have knowledge of the different providers and sourcing systems which will ensure that the market is researched thoroughly.

Questions will be asked about lifestyle or medical history and this can make a difference to the annuity income you can achieve.  As annuity experts it is the job of the annuity desk to get you the maximum level of income available at the time of your retirement.  Specialist knowledge of the market and research tools should be able to confirm to you the top provider for your circumstances very quickly.  They also assist you with the paperwork which can often be confusing and importantly they deal with your current provider and the new provider to ensure that the transfer goes through as quickly and smoothly as possible.  This should leave you rest assured that you will be able to maximise the income available to you and ensure that the process is handled efficiently with no cost to yourself.