Pension Annuity Calculator

The very simple and uncomplicated pension annuity calculator will help you find the best annuity rates on the open market option. Remember you do not have to buy your annuity from your existing annuity provider you can shop around to find better annuity rates.

How can a pension annuity calculator help?

These calculators allow you to keep quoting and demonstrate what happens to the income when you change the options that are available with an annuity. For example if you had a £75,000 pension fund and you intially used the pension annuity calculator on level income, no guarantee, no spouse pension and no poor health issues. The pension annuity calculator would return the results for your pension fund size. If you wanted to see what affect changing the guarantee to 10 years would have on the income then it is a very simple process of changing that field in the calculator, press calculate and you would get an instant result. That simple which is why many people use them.