Best Annuity And How To Get It

Getting the best annuity at retirement means shopping around and comparing providers. This could be very time consuming for an individual so use an independent annuity specialist. These specialists have research tools to make finding the best annuity easy.

Best Annuity means using the open market

No one provider can offer the best annuity for all circumstances and this is why it is so important to use the open market. There has recently been some clever marketing on television from companies like Aviva (formerly Norwich Union) giving claims about getting an extra 20% .

Depending on the options you choose within your annuity would depend which provider might come have the best annuity. This is why you should use an annuity specialist to do your research after you have decided which options you need.

Best Annuity – Do You Qualify For Enhanced Annuity Rates?

Another good reason to use an annuity broker is to make sure you check if you qualify for enhanced annuity rates. The best annuity with enhanced rates would obviously beat a standard annuity. Not all pension providers offer enhanced annuity rates and this is good reason to go to the open market. To qualify for enhanced rates you need not be seriously ill something as simple as smoking can qualify for enhanced annuity rates.

Simply to get the best annuity use a specialist annuity broker such as annuitysupermarket.