Are you getting the best annuity rates?

When purchasing an annuity you may be able to get the best annuity rates by considering if you qualify for enhancements.

Lifestyle Annuities

Lifestyle annuities take into account certain behavioral and environmental factors, as well as medical factors to determine if you have a reduced life expectancy. Any factor that may reduce life expectancy may be considered. These include smoking – 10 cigarettes, or the equivalent cigars or tobacco, a day for the last 10 years, obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Enhanced Annuities

Enhanced annuities pay out more than lifestyle but not as much a fully impaired annuity as they are designed for those with a reduced life expectancy but to a lesser degree than a fully impaired annuity.

Impaired Annuities

An impaired life annuity pays an even higher income for those who have significantly lower life expectancy. The insurer will require a medical report from your doctor (no need for you to have a medical examination). Medical conditions such as; heart attacks, heart surgery or angina, life threatening cancers, major organ diseases e.g. liver or kidney and other life threatening illnesses such as Parkinson’s and strokes will be considered.

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