Best Annuity Quotes – From The Whole Market

When you want the best annuity quotes there is only one place to get them and that is the whole of market. The best annuity quotes can only be sourced by comparing all annuity providers.

No one annuity provider could ever give you the best annuity quotes for all circumstances, for example how could one provider quote for , men, women, young, old and all the options available. It would be impossible so that is why you need to use the whole of market.

where to find the best annuity quotes

This annuity news blog will always recommend that you seek advice from an independent annuity specialist. Only an independent can get you quotes from the whole market and only an independent acts on your behalf to research all the options and will check if you qualify for enhanced annuity rates.

Your existing pension provider may not be the best rates for you new annuity, by all means get them to try and match any annuity quotes you may have found from the whole market. Never just accept the first quote you are given by your pension provider. Unfortunately in the retirement market, some two thirds of people still just accept the first quote given them by the pension provider.