What is an annuity calculator and how it can help you find the best annuity rates

There is a big difference in the UK between insurance companies and their annuity rates and this is why you should use an annuity calculator to help you find the best annuity rates.

What is an annuity calculator?

It is simple piece of software that once you enter your details into the annuity calculator it runs off searching the whole internet to find the best annuity rates. What is does is save you an enormous amount of time checking each of the annuity providers individually. The annuity calculator then produces a table of rates with the best company at the top and the worst company at the bottom.

How does it help find the best annuity rates?

  • Everybody that gets an annuity quote wants different options
  • Considers guaranteed annuity rates
  • Considers your postcode that can give you better annuity rates
  • Checks if you qualify for enhanced annuity rates
  • If you smoke it comes back with annuity rates from companies that specialise in smoker annuity rates

These are just some of the advantages that an annuity calculator can give to help you get the best annuity rates. Because your income in retirement needs to last you a considerable time it is so important to ensure that you get the best rates on the open market and not just accept the rates that your current pension providers is giving you.