Find the Best Annuity Rates Using Annuity Calculator

Everybody wants the best annuity rates for their retirement to be as comfortable as possible. Many, however do not know how to find them and that is where the annuity calculator can help.

An annuity calculator can make life really simple by just allowing you to keep varying the options and seeing how much they increase or decrease the amount of income you get from the pension fund you have.

Annuities Calculator Options

There are two types of annuities calculator, the simplest just takes your pension fund amount, your gender and your age it then produces a table of results that show you how much retirement income you would get. You can very the pension fund amount by taking off the tax free cash you wish to take. So you can vary the pension fund amount by a maximum of 25% allowing for tax free cash.

The more sophisticated annuities calculator allow you to use postcode, continuing pension for your spouse or civil partner, escalation amount (which can be fixed percentage or retail price index), guarantee payment period (normally maximum 10 years) and finally any capital protection required. The results from this as you can imagine are far more advanced and allow you really work hard on which options are the best for you.