When Long Life Seems To Be A Problem

There may be a variety of reasons why people would want to have a long life, but they better be sure that they would have enough to last them a lifetime. Or else, wouldn’t it be a lot better to rest in peace? No, seriously.

I’ve come to that idea earlier this morning when I had a chat with my co-workers about plans for old age. Amid talking about pensions, annuities, and retirement bonuses, I knew each of us thought of the same thing at some time during that entire conversation: that growing old is definitely going to be anything but cheap.

Fortunately for me, I have plans for when I finally reach the age – the retirement age, although to be honest, some of the details are yet to be taken cared of. With the help of some of my coworkers who are also thinking and concerned of these things as I, I was able to choose the best annuity among those pension annuities available. As of the present, my spouse and I are discussing personalizing our annuities to reflect our current situation.

And in all of these decisions about my future life, I couldn’t help but thinking that not living long might be much more convenient. But that’s just me.