What To Do When Old Age Catches Up?

Although it‘s not what I am apt to think about, circumstances and events in my no-nonsense life have somehow forced me to accept the fact that someday, my twenty-year old son will graduate from college and will want to move to his own place, and  that my married 28-year old daughter will one of these days be giving birth to my first  grandchild. And me? Well, I’ll be growing more white hairs and God forbid, I’ll be having varicose veins all over.

These thoughts have been on my mind until finally I asked my husband Greg what we should do about it. Turns out he’s been thinking about the same thing.

Well, like it or not, things will be changing, and as I always say, it is always better to be prepared. And so next week, Greg and I plan on fixing arrangements on our pension annuities, but not after first checking out the best annuity rates, thanks to an advice given by a friend. Recently, Greg and I have been arguing whether or not to get an open market option or not. The next step in our plan is to have a talk with our pension provider.

Some of my friends wonder why I’m being so meticulous about this. My answer is simple: I want to be able to keep buying presents for my grandchildren  in the  future.