Prudential Annuities – 40% Qualify For Enhanced Rates

If you have a Prudential Pension and you are nearing retirement looking to purchase a Prudential annuity then you need to use the open market option. 40% of people who shop around on the open market looking for Prudential annuities qualify for enhanced annuities and could get around 30% more income in retirement.

Do Prudential Pension Annuity Rates have Enhanced Rates?

Prudential do have enhanced rates but they may not necessarily offer them to you. Even if they do offer you an enhanced Prudential annuity rates it is still worth shopping around on the annuitysupermarket to see if you can get better rates than Prudential are offering.

What qualifies for enhanced rates that prudential annuities dont?

Things like: Postcode where you live, if you smoke or not and what and how much you smoke, your height and weight, certain medication you take, your alcohol intake each week. If you think you may qualify then one of advisers can take your details and check if you qualify.

With annuity rates the lowest they have been for decades it pays to make sure you check if the Prudential annuity rate you are offered can be bettered on the open  market.