Getting Ready For The Long Haul

I am well aware, thanks to the constant reminders of my own body, that I am not growing any younger, and that soon I will have to leave this job I love and fend for myself and my wife. And so I’ve been reading on the topic of pensions these past few days. Upon reading and asking informed people about pension annuities, I learned one very interesting fact: that a person who smokes, drinks, or has a history of an illness has a higher chance of getting higher income. The reason seems pretty obvious – if you have a lesser chance of living longer, you get paid higher. Hmm.

I have always been proud of my vice-less self, and I never thought before that me being fit and healthy might lead to a disadvantage in the future. Maybe I should start drinking now. And is it too late yet to learn how to smoke? Kidding, kidding.

My wife, ever best shopper, told me I was certain to get  the  best annuity rates  if  I  shop around. And as always, she was right. I had the chance to finally get advice from a professional annuity adviser and told me that there were several ways of increasing the income I could get in the future.

Well, it’s not that I’m very sure of staying on good old earth, but who knows?