Annuity Advice Surrey

If you are looking for annuity advice in the Surrey region of the UK then annuitysupermarket can help you. We have an independent financial adviser in the surrey area. He is Nick Clemens and he has been in financial services for over 25 years.

Nick will do face to face visits to discuss annuities in the comfort of your own home, of course, if you wish Nick Clemens can give annuity advice over the telephone.  It is very important to shop around at retirement for the best annuity rates and taking independent financial advice can give your income a significant boost.

A conventional annuity is a contract whereby the insurance company agrees to pay to the investor a guaranteed income either for a specific period or for the rest of his or her life in return for a capital sum. With a guaranteed annuity, income is paid for the annuitant’s life, but in the event of early death within a guaranteed period,  the income is paid for the balance of the guaranteed annuity period to the beneficiaries. To get annuity advice call us on the freephone number above.

The capital is non-returnable and hence the income paid is relatively high.

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