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Annuity Rates Best Buy Tables

Using an annuity rates table can give you a good indication of the amount of income you will get with your pension . These annuity rates tables are only a guide and you do need to go and get a proper quote from an annuity provider.

When using these tables you have to consider the options that are available to you. These are:

Single life This means the income is payable to you only and will not continue to be paid to your spouse upon your death.

Joint life 50% This means that upon your death 50% of the income will continue to be paid to your spouse. Different percentages are available up to 100%. Where a joint life annuity is shown, this is based on a named spouse where the male is 3 years older than the female.

Level This means the income will remain level and not increase over time.

RPI This means the income from your annuity changes in line with inflation as measured by the Retail Prices Index.

Guarantee This means the annuity will continue to pay an income for at least that period of time (i.e. 5 years), even if you should die before that time. Guarantee periods of up to 10 years are available. Guarantees on protected rights are limited to 5 years.


Annuity Rates correct as at 10/03/2010. Please be aware that annuity rates may have changed since the table was last updated. These figures should not be used to calculate the income you will personally receive. The rates quoted from some providers may be an indication only and not be guaranteed.


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