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Annuity Calculator

For most people, a pension annuity will be purchased between the ages 55 and 75. You can use an annuity calculator to help you get the best annuity rates. After age 75 the rules change and once you have used the annuity calculator you need to seek specialist advice before you reach this age.

Tips on how to use the annuity calculator

Fill in your details opposite and we will request quotes from all the annuity providers, the annuity calculator will then tell you which provider is best for your personal circumstances.

annuity calculator

Annuities Calculator Criteria


The amount your pension fund will buy depends on your age, gender and state of health as these three factors affect how long you are expected to live. The annuities calculator will help you see how these affect the income. The older you are when you buy an annuity, the higher the amount you are likely to be quoted because the annuity provider (an insurance company) is unlikely to have to pay you for as many years as someone who starts taking their annuity income at a younger age. The annuity calculator allows you to request quotes.

State of health

Similarly, if you are suffering from a medical condition or illness which is likely to reduce your life expectancy, your annuity provider will pay you more because you are likely to survive fewer years than someone in good health of the same age. The same applies if you are a smoker or obese. You can use our annuity calculator to help you see if you qualify for enhanced annuity rates.


Women tend to live longer than men, so a woman is paid less than a man of the same age and with the same size pension fund.

Spouses’ and partners’ pensions

If you want your spouse or partner to have an income after you die, you will want to buy a ‘joint life’ annuity. This will reduce the amount you receive (compared to if you bought a ‘single life’ annuity), but will guarantee your partner or spouse an income for life after your death. The annuity calculator will help you see the effect. Enter their age in the ‘partner’s age’ box.

You can choose what percentage of your annuity income you want your partner to receive – typically, 100%, 66% or 50%. The higher the amount you choose for your partner, the lower your initial income will be.

Do you qualify for Enhanced or Impaired Rates?

If you can answer Yes to the following questions you may qualify for better annuity rates.

  • Do you smoke 10 cigarettes or more each day and have done continuosly for 10 years or more?
  • Are you currently taking any medication?
  • Have you ever been hospitalised for any medical condition?
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